Top five life hacks in Hong Kong

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    Surviving in an expensive city like Hong Kong is no easy feat especially if you are on a shoestring budget after allocating most of your disposable income on rent. We will give the top life hacks that may save you money, some of which you may already know:

    1. Cheapest Place to Party – You can meet lots of people from different parts of the world by literally partying outside the most famous Club 7-11 in Lan Kwai Fong. Simply buy a bottle a booze and mingle around, who knows? You may get lucky at the end of the night!

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    2. Buy everything online – If you ever need to buy anything, download the Taobao app and order online. If you don’t read Chinese, get a local friend/boyfriend/girlfriend who does, you will be surprised that everything is at least 50% to 80% cheaper than most of the things you find in the local shops. If there are friends who tell you it’s not safe to buy from Taobao, I would take issue as I have personally done it many times as all you have to do is to buy only from established sellers who have comment threads  by customers who post pictures and reviews of the items received. Delivery normally takes a few days. If you like books, go to the local bookstores to find out the latest book titles and order from websites like and The books are at least 50% cheaper. You pay a premium in Hong Kong because all the exorbitant rent and wages are reflected in the prices.

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    3. Download Apple music and Netflix – If want to listen to the latest music, go to your local HMV stores in Causeway Bay or TST to browse for the latest hits and download your favourite albums directly onto your Apple music. You can download as many albums as you want for less than HKD$80 per month. Who listens to CDs anyway? Netflix is perfect for the couples who want to save money on weekends and traveling during peak hours on the MTR.

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    4. Parking – If you are one of the lucky few who own a car but can’t afford to pay for a monthly car park space, find a quiet road in your neighbourhood and park by the roadside, the accumulated amount you pay on your police summons (HKD$320 per ticket)  is cheaper than your monthly car park rental (On average between HKD$4,000 to HKD6,000 per month). In most neighbourhoods, there are locals who can wash your car daily for only HKD$350 per month even if you park your car by the roadside. This will save you tonnes of money and time waiting at the local car wash centres.

    5. Apply for a local Bank Credit Card and pay for your groceries with Apple Pay – A lot of the local groceries stores such as Wellcome and Fusion offer HKD$50 instant rebate if you use a local credit card to spend over HKD$500 in single receipt on specific days. If you purchase your groceries with Apple Pay, you will get extra discount.

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