Top Beijing leaders to visit HK on 1st July, audiovisual equipment owned by Chinese state media found in HK West Kowloon Station


24th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) As the 1st July celebration is approaching, many are speculating whether top Beijing leaders will come to Hong Kong to participate in the celebrations and preside over the inauguration ceremony of the new government.

Sources revealed that there will be special arrangements for the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station on 1st July.

A large number of audiovisual equipment was found in the station last night including audio-visual consoles and equipment labelled with captions “CCTV” Headquarters” and “CMG”. China Central Television (CCTV) is a Chinese state-owned broadcaster controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. CCTV has a network of 50 channels broadcasting different programmes and is accessible to more than one billion viewers in six different languages while China Media Group (CMG) also known as Voice of China, is the predominant state media company by means of radio and television broadcasting in the People’s Republic of China.

Some politicians estimate that top government leaders may come to Hong Kong by high-speed rail. Political circles have recently been discussing the way leaders arrive in Hong Kong, including arriving at Hong Kong International Airport by air, transiting through Shenzhen by land, and arriving in Hong Kong by high-speed rail as in the past. However, it is not sure which Beijing government officials will be sent to Hong Kong.

It is also said that some employees of the Science Park have received a notice to visit by an “very important person” and have begun to arrange to free up space for activities.