Top 5 secret islands in HK

Wanna go all!


Hiking is probably one of the most popular activities in Hong Kong, and we bet that you must have been to Sharp Peak, Tai Mo Shan etc. However today, we’re going to introduce you 5 most secret islands that are of great views!

This is known as Hong Kong’s Abandoned ‘Ghost Island’ but don’t worry, it’s now home to just a caretaker, a small organic farm and a small, recently restored UNESCO protected chapel.
Access: take ferry from Sai Kung Town

One thing not to miss for this island is the incredible wave-cut rock platforms that border the island’s shores!
Access: ferry from Ma Liu Shui ferry pier

This is the most beautiful and huge lawn you can find in HK! Definitely worth going!
Access: ferry leave from Wong Shek Pier in Sai Kung

There are many interesting rock formations and open-air seafood restaurants on this island. Woohoo!
Access: at weekends and on public holidays, a small ferry runs to Po Toi from Blake’s Pier near Stanley Plaza, Stanley, on Hong Kong Island. (Scheduled ferries also run between Aberdeen and Po Toi, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.)

You can walk through the shallow water in good time usually from the beach to a small island!
Access: take kaito (small ferry) operators from Sai Kung pier