Top 5 cycling routes in Hong Kong


2nd May 2022 – (Hong Kong) Outdoor cycling can strengthen cardiopulmonary function and help maintain a good posture. It is an exercise suitable for all ages. We have compiled below 5 popular cycling routes in Hong Kong for residents to explore during the weekends, including King Lam Bike Hub in Tseung Kwan O, Tsuen Wan waterfront cycle track/New Territories Cycling Track Network, Tai Shui Hang in Ma On Shan to Tai Po Waterfront Park, Hung Shui Kiu in Tin Shui Bridge and Inspiration Lake in Sunny Bay.

1 – King Lam Bike Hub

King Lam Shopping Centre in Tseung Kwan O opened the first King Lam Bike Hub in Hong Kong last year, providing one-stop and professional bicycle packages, such as bicycle rental, storage lockers, maintenance stations and parking spaces, etc. King Lam Bike Hub provides 3 major cycling routes in Tseung Kwan O and there are options for beginners, parents and children, and experts, ranging from beginners to professional levels, so you can easily explore Tseung Kwan O.

Address: King Lam Shopping Centre, 38 Po Lam Road North, Tseung Kwan O

King Lam Bike Hub

2 – Tsuen Wan waterfront cycle track/New Territories Cycling Track Network

The scenic views of Tsuen Wan are enjoyed by many. Taking a stroll from Tsuen Wan Riviera Park to Tsuen Wan Park, one can enjoy a panoramic view of Tsing Yi, Rambler Channel and Ting Kau Bridge from afar at the Tsuen Wan West waterfront promenade. In the early evening when the city is basking in the last glow of the setting sun, people stop in their tracks, savouring the splendour of the enchanting scenary. Tsuen Wan Sports Centre, adjacent to Tsuen Wan Park, provides diversified recreational and sports facilities that allow everyone in the family to enjoy the fun of exercising.

The Government strives to implement the about 82 km-long “New Territories cycle track network”, connecting the East and West of the New Territories for the purposes of leisure and recreation. As part of the network, the Tuen Mun to Ma On Shan backbone section was linked up last year, while the Tsuen Wan to Tuen Mun backbone section, about 22 km long, is being implemented in stages. The waterfront section in Tsuen Wan was opened on 19th July last year for public enjoyment. The newly opened cycle track is built along the waterfront, running from Tsuen Wan Riviera Park to Bayview Garden, and about 2.3 km in length. Apart from the cycle track, the project team has built two resting stations along the way, with spaces for parking bicycles and for cyclists to take a rest. Moreover, a cycling entry/exit hub is built near Hoi Hing Road with a cycle practising area, sheltered benches, a public toilet, cycle parking spaces, a drinking fountain, etc.

Cyclists can enjoy the stunning view of Rambler Channel and Tsing Yi Island while riding along the new cycle track, which passes through a number of public leisure and recreational venues in the district, such as Tsuen Wan Park, Tsuen Wan Riviera Park, Tsuen Wan Promenade, etc. The cycle track is located next to the MTR Tsuen Wan West Station and Tsuen Wan West Station Public Transport Interchange, allowing convenient access for visitors from other districts. He adds that the department hopes that the new cycle track can give further impetus to the Tsuen Wan waterfront, providing yet another option of leisure and recreation for the public.

3 – Tai Shui Hang in Ma On Shan Tai Shui Hang to Tai Po Waterfront Park/Tai Mei Tuk/Plover Cove

There are also plenty of bicycle rental places from Tai Shui Hang in Ma On Shan Tai Shui Hang to Tai Po Waterfront Park both have bicycle rental places, such as the bicycle park and Lung Kee Bicycle Shop. You can choose the starting point freely. On the way, the bicycle path is clearly marked, and you will pass the Science Park in Tolo Harbour, which also has restaurants and leisure facilities. If you are more adventurous, you can go further to Tai Mei Tuk and Plover Cove.

Tai Mei Tuk. Picture credit: Hong Kong Tourism Board

Address: Hang Tai Road, Ma On Shan ( MTR Tai Shui Hang Station Exit A) / Tai Po Waterfront Park (MTR Tai Po Market Station, take bus no K17/71S to Fu Shin Estate.

4 – Hung Shui Kiu in Tin Shui Wai

You can also rent vintage-looking classic bicycles at Common Sense HSK near MTR Hung Shui Kiu Station in Tin Shui Wai, or participate in the regular traditional coffee making experience, woodworking workshops and cycling tours. The track begins from Wo Ping Sun Chuen cycling track and cyclists will by Hung Shui Kiu drainage channel while enjoying the sunset and scenic view.

Picture credit: Common Sense HSK
Picture credit: Common Sense HSK

Address: 1, Tan Kwai Tsuen Road, Hung Shui Kiu.

Opening hours: 10am – 6pm.

Cost : HK$60 per hour or HK$180 per day.

5 – Inspiration Lake in Sunny Bay

Inspiration Lake in Sunny Bay with lush flowers and trees is a great place for a picnic. In addition to picnics and outings, you can also rent bicycles in the city centre of Tung Chung, ride bicycles along the Tung Chung waterfront from Yat Tung Estate, pass the North Lantau Highway and then reach the Sunny Bay area. On Cheung Sok island, can enjoy scenic view before heading towards Inspiration Lake. Address: Take bus No. 38 from Tung Chung MTR Station to Yat Tung Estate.

Inspiration Lake in Sunny Bay