Tony Leung radiates adorable charm, wife Carina Lau reveals unique sweet nicknames, exuding happiness

    Tony Leung

    27th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) International film icon Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, aged 61, and his wife Carina Lau have been in a loving relationship for 35 years, from dating to getting married. They have always been known for their strong bond and affection. However, shocking rumours recently emerged, alleging that Leung had been secretly involved with 25-year-old singer Cheng Xiao. This news sent shockwaves throughout various circles. Cheng Xiao swiftly denied the rumours, stating, “They are completely false and outrageous.” She aimed to clarify the misinformation surrounding the alleged affair. Leung later released a statement condemning the rumours as completely fabricated, malicious, and distorted. He emphasised that his marriage to Carina Lau has remained strong and intact.

    In reality, these baseless rumors have had no impact on the relationship between Leung and Lau. The couple continues to deeply love each other and frequently appear together in public, displaying their affection and enviable bond. Lau regularly shares snippets of their life on social media, updating their followers on their latest activities. Recently, Lau posted a short video in which Leung was seen sitting at the dining table, enjoying a plate of grilled peppers. She can be heard off-camera asking, “Do you like the taste, Tony Leung?” playfully addressing her husband by his full name. Leung looks at the camera, nods, and gives a thumbs-up, revealing his adorable and childlike side. Even the daughter of actress Anna Ueyama, Hilary, who was sitting next to him, couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

    Lau’s endearing video of her husband easily garnered over 400,000 likes and sparked lively discussions among netizens. Some users commented, “Whenever you film Tony Leung, and he looks at you, it’s always filled with extra sweetness. Others can’t capture this effect, I love seeing it!”, “Only with you, he is so cute”, “Even at his age, Tony Leung’s eyes still reveal the innocence of a child”.