Tony Leung crowned Best Actor for the 6th time at the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards

Insert picture: Tony Leung. Right: Jennifer Yu

14th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) The 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards announced the winner for Best Actor on the evening of the 14th. Tony Leung, renowned for his remarkable talent and versatility, clinched the prestigious award for the sixth time, setting a new record in the history of the ceremony. Despite his absence at the event, Leung’s exceptional performance in “The Goldfinger” secured him the coveted title, solidifying his position as an unrivalled force in the industry.

Tony Leung’s career has reached new heights in recent years, and alongside his undeniable acting prowess, credit must also be given to his wife and manager, Carina Lau. The couple, who have been together for over three decades, have successfully navigated the challenges of both personal and professional life. During an interview with Deanie Ip, Leung revealed the secret to their harmonious relationship, stating, “She is incredibly accommodating towards my introverted nature. I tend to keep to myself and spend very little time with her. However, every now and then, I make an effort to accompany her and our friends, such as going out for meals or enjoying the sight of autumn leaves.”

Carina Lau frequently shares updates about Tony Leung’s work and their daily lives on social media platforms, providing a glimpse into their bond and mutual support.

Despite their contrasting personalities, Leung emphasises the importance of mutual respect, stating, “Sometimes, I feel uneasy in crowded situations, whereas she enjoys the liveliness. However, I believe it’s all about compromise and respecting each other’s preferences.” Whether in public or private, Leung places immense trust in Carina Lau, acknowledging her deep understanding of his preferences and entrusting her with the responsibility of selecting scripts, with the final decision ultimately resting in his hands.

In addition to the Best Actor accolade, the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards also celebrated the achievement of Jennifer Yu, a talented 30-year-old actress who secured the title of Best Actress for her outstanding performance in “In Broad Daylight.” This marked her first win after being nominated twice, signifying a significant milestone in her career.