Tony Leung absent from Hong Kong Film Awards as he begins filming in Germany, rumours of Liu Yifei joining the project surface

    Tony Leung

    29th March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Acclaimed actor Tony Leung, known for his exceptional performances, has departed for Germany to commence shooting for an upcoming foreign-language film. Consequently, he will be unable to attend the prestigious Hong Kong Film Awards, scheduled to take place next month. In an unexpected turn of events, rumours emerged yesterday that mainland Chinese actress Liu Yifei will be joining Leung in the project, sparking widespread excitement among netizens.

    Last year, Leung announced his involvement in director IIdiko Enyedi’s new film, “Silence Friends,” set to be filmed in Hungary. The production has made significant progress both on and off screen, prompting Leung to embark on his journey to Marburg, Germany, where he will join the rest of the crew. Within the next few days, Leung is expected to immerse himself in the filming process. Prior to his departure, Leung revealed his intention to dedicate approximately three months to complete the film. Consequently, he will remain focused on his role and is unlikely to return to Hong Kong during this period. This means that even if he were to be nominated for the Best Actor award for his remarkable performance in “The Goldfinger,” he will regrettably be absent from the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony, which is scheduled to take place on 14th April.

    Despite his enthusiasm for attending award ceremonies, Tony Leung’s presence will be missed at the Hong Kong Film Awards due to his current filming commitments in Germany.

    Liu Yifei’s exceptional command of the English language provides her with a distinct advantage when pursuing opportunities in overseas productions.

    The film “Silence Friends” revolves around the theme of a tree and depicts three interrelated stories spanning over a century. Leung will play the protagonist in the third story, portraying a renowned neuroscientist from Hong Kong. To prepare for the role, Leung extensively studied relevant literature and is ready to take on the challenge of showcasing his acting prowess once again. Director IIdiko Enyedi has gained international acclaim, having been honoured at both the Cannes Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival. Consequently, many actors are eager to collaborate with her. Recently, rumours surfaced of Liu Yifei also being invited to join the cast of “Silence Friends,” creating a buzz among netizens.