Tong Ying-kit becomes first person in HK to be convicted under National Security Law


27th July 2021 – (Hong Kong) In the first case suspected of violating the “Hong Kong National Security Law”, the 23-year-old defendant Tong Ying-kit was accused of driving a motorcycle (vehicle registration number TV7283) with the “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of times” flag into the police defence line and wounding 3 police officers, and was therefore charged with crimes of inciting secession, terrorist activities, and alternate charges of dangerous driving causing serious bodily harm to others on 1st July 2020. Both the prosecution and the defence have completed their closing submissions earlier.

The designated judge of the National Security Law case made a ruling at 3pm this afternoon (27th), convicted Tong of inciting secession and terrorist activities, and adjourned until Thursday (29th) to hear the plea.

The prosecution said that the defendant’s actions against the police and his banner carrying the anti-government slogan reflected his intention to promote political ideas and intimidate the central government.