Tombstone of Beyond’s late frontman Wong Ka-kui vandalised, 23-year-old suspect’s obsession with collecting celebrity photos and recent “groom” transformation


    19th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) The tombstone of Wong Ka-kui, the late lead vocalist of the band Beyond, was vandalised at the Tseung Kwan O Junk Bay Chinese Permanent Cemetery. Two individuals have been apprehended by the authorities, including a 15-year-old teenager claiming to have autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as a 23-year-old man surnamed Yip. Reports indicate that the latter was active in the entertainment industry, having made appearances on television programs and performed daring stunts. He was also known for avidly collecting photographs with numerous celebrities, a pursuit referred to as “stamp collecting.” Earlier this month, he even posed as the “groom” alongside pageant drop-out Amy Sit Yeng-yi, a Hong Kong-based personality, during a themed party dubbed the “Yi Wedding.”

    Captured on online video footage, the two suspects were apprehended on the spot after desecrating Wong Ka-kui’s tombstone. Apart from the bald 15-year-old teenager, the other individual involved was Mr. Yip, who was responsible for filming the act. Evidence from Mr. Yip’s Instagram account reveals that the duo frequently ventured out together to capture videos and take photographs, often expressing sentiments such as “Long time no see, bro!” In his Instagram bio, Mr. Yip identifies himself as an “Actor” and operates a video channel, actively seeking work opportunities. He regularly documents his encounters with a multitude of celebrities, including Carina Lau, Fann Wong, and Aaron Kwok, showcasing an extensive collection of photographs.

    Moreover, Mr. Yip has shared numerous videos on his Instagram account, featuring his fitness routines, martial arts skills, hurdles, and nunchaku dancing. In August of last year, he made an appearance on a television program, showcasing his acrobatic flips and firearm handling skills. At the beginning of this month, during a “wedding” themed party hosted by Amy Sit Yeng-yi. Mr. Yip made a grand entrance. He donned a paper bag over his head with the inscription “ATV Executive” written on it, cheekily revealing himself as the supposed “ATV executive” groom.

    At the beginning of this month, during a “wedding” themed party hosted by Amy Sit Yeng-yi. Mr. Ip made a grand entrance.