Time-varying tolls implemented at road harbour crossings from 17th December, Transport Department reminds public


7th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Starting from 5am on 17th December, the Transport Department (TD) has implemented time-varying tolls at the three road harbour crossings (RHCs) in Hong Kong. The Western Harbour Crossing (WHC), Cross-Harbour Tunnel (CHT), and Eastern Harbour Crossing (EHC) will now have tolls that vary according to different time slots.

To raise awareness about the implementation of time-varying tolls, the TD has launched a comprehensive publicity campaign through various channels. This includes social media platforms, online and TV promotions, the “HKeMobility” mobile application, tunnel radio break-in announcements, and variable message signs. The new toll information displays have been installed at/near the existing toll points of HKeToll in both directions of the three RHCs. These displays provide relevant information to drivers, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the toll point locations and prepare for the time-varying tolls in advance.

After passing through the RHCs, motorists can access real-time toll information through the toll information displays or the TD’s “HKeMobility” mobile application and website. The “HKeToll” mobile application and website also enable drivers to check the time of using the tunnel and the toll payable/paid.

The tolls for private cars and motorcycles, including motor tricycles, will vary based on different time slots. From Mondays to Saturdays (excluding general holidays), private cars using the WHC will face tolls ranging from $20 to $60, while those using the CHT and EHC will face tolls ranging from $20 to $40. Motorcycles using the WHC will have tolls ranging from $8 to $24, while motorcycles using the CHT and EHC will have tolls ranging from $8 to $16. During general holidays, the tolls for private cars and motorcycles at all three RHCs will range from $20 to $25 and $8 to $10, respectively. Transition charging arrangements have been implemented to ensure a smooth transition between different time slots and to maintain road safety.

For other types of vehicles, the tolls will remain fixed throughout the day. Taxis using the RHCs will be charged $25, while other commercial vehicles, including goods vehicles and buses, will be charged $50.