TikTok influencer who filmed himself licking toilet seat now infected with COVID-19


26th March 2020 – (California) A California social influencer who took part in the ‘coronavirus challenge’ to lick toilet seat is now infected with COVID-19. His TikTok user name is ‘LARZ’ and he posted himself linking a toilet seat. Earlier this week, Larz posted a shocking video of himself licking a toilet seat, captioning it: “RT to spread awareness for the coronavirus.”

Ava Louise, a 22-year-old influencer from Miami and a Rutgers University student  has been condemned on social media for taking on the ‘coronavirus challenge’ video that has gone viral worldwide. She was seen licking a toilet seat on a plane bathroom. She even put as caption “Please retweet this so people can know how to properly be santiray on the airplane”. 

In Hong Kong, 43-year-old Joel Werner, founder of Solitude Capital Management, a hedge fund based in Hong Kong also smeared his saliva on MTR handrail amidst COVID-19 last week.