Tiffany Cheung, inspirational cancer-fighting YouTuber, passes away at 32

Tiffany Cheung

21st April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Tiffany Cheung, a former guest on ViuTV and a YouTube content creator who shared her battle with cervical cancer, has died at the age of 32. Diagnosed at 27 with stage 2B cervical cancer, Ms. Cheung became a beacon of resilience and hope as she documented her struggle against the disease over several years.

Her family announced her passing on social media, posting a monochrome photograph of her with a message of gratitude for the support she received throughout her illness. “Tiffany’s condition deteriorated rapidly earlier in March, and she has now found peace,” the post read. It also noted that a memorial service would be held at a local church on Saturday afternoon.

Ms. Cheung’s journey was not just a private battle but a public testament to her unyielding spirit. She regularly updated her followers on YouTube, where she candidly shared the ups and downs of her treatment. Beyond her online presence, Ms. Cheung had also participated in various television programmes and online shows, discussing her experiences and advocating for cancer awareness.

Despite her condition worsening last year, she took part in a travel show designed for individuals fighting cancer. The trip was challenging for Ms. Cheung, who by then relied on a walking stick and sometimes a wheelchair. She openly discussed the severe back pain that plagued her, mentioning her reliance on painkillers to sleep.