Tibet Airlines plane skids on runway at Chongqing airport and catches fire, around 40 passengers sustain mild injuries (Updated: 10.55am)


12th May 2022 – (Chongqing) A Tibet Airlines plane, which was originally scheduled to fly from Chongqing to Lhasa, skidded on the runway at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport at 8am on Thursday (12th) morning and caught fire. The Chongqing branch of Tibet Airlines confirmed the incident and said that it is still under investigation.

According to sources, passengers were evacuated before the plane took off. Around 40 passengers sustained mild injuries.

The plane with flight number TV9833 involved was an Airbus A319 aircraft. It was originally scheduled to take off at 6.35am on Thursday, from Chongqing to Nyingchi, Tibet. It was reported earlier the flight was heading to Lhasa. The aircraft involved was assembled by Airbus Tianjin and was 9.5 years old. It is known that the route was operated by two experienced captains. Some photos posted on the Internet show that there were aircraft wreckage scattered on the grass at the airport, suspected to be parts of the aircraft engine and landing gear, and there were friction marks left on the runway.

Tibet Airlines reported the incident via Weibo at 10am, stating that there were 113 passengers and 9 crew members on board. After the incident, everyone on the plane was evacuated safely. The plane caught fire and was damaged. The airline launched the first-level emergency plan immediately after the incident, and made every effort to respond and deal with the aftermath.