Tianjin representative Qin Gang resigns from 14th National People’s Congress

Qin Gang

27th February 2024 – (Tianjin) In a report by local media on Tuesday, it was announced that the Standing Committee of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Congress has accepted the resignation of Qin Gang from his position as a representative of the 14th National People’s Congress.

Qin Gang’s abrupt removal as Foreign Minister last year has raised eyebrows, as he has not been seen in public since. While personnel changes are not uncommon, European officials who face similar circumstances tend to remain visible. Beijing has disclosed little about Qin Gang’s current status and whereabouts. Initially, the explanation given was related to his “physical condition” for skipping an international diplomatic gathering, but subsequent inquiries were redirected to the Foreign Ministry website.

The Wall Street Journal reported that an investigation found Qin Gang had an affair during his time as the US ambassador, potentially compromising national security. However, no official inquiry has been announced regarding this matter. Qin’s removal coincided with Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s extensive purge of the military, which saw the dismissal of then-Defense Minister Li Shangfu in October. This anti-corruption campaign targeted numerous senior defence officials, making it one of China’s most significant crackdowns on its armed forces.