Thundery showers to hit Hong Kong in next few hours, cold front brings cooler weather, Thunderstorm warning issued at 11.35am (Updated: 12pm)


25th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Observatory has issued a warning of thundery showers approaching the Pearl River Estuary at 10.45am. The band of showers is gradually moving closer to the territory and is expected to affect it in the next couple of hours. As the cold front over Guangdong moves across the coastal areas, it will bring more showery weather and squally thunderstorms over the region today and tomorrow.

Thunderstorm Warning issued at 11.35am today will remain in force until 2pm. today. A few squally thunderstorms are expected to occur over Hong Kong.

Intense gusts of around 70 kilometres per hour were recorded at Tai O at around 11.40am.

Intense gusts reaching 70 kilometres per hour or above may affect Hong Kong.

The associated northeast monsoon will also bring cooler weather to the area, with temperatures expected to drop slightly. Rainy weather is predicted to continue over the coastal areas early next week, although the monsoon is expected to moderate in the middle and latter parts of next week. However, temperatures will rise over the coast of southern China.

Tomorrow, Hong Kong residents can expect showers and thunderstorms. Temperatures will fall and the minimum temperature is expected to be around 19 degrees early next week. Winds will gradually strengthen and there will still be a few rain patches.

The Hong Kong Observatory advises residents to take precautions during the thundery showers and to stay indoors if possible. Motorists should also exercise caution on the roads and avoid areas prone to flooding.

In light of the cooler weather, the public is encouraged to take extra care to stay warm and to avoid prolonged exposure to the rain. Elderly and vulnerable individuals are advised to stay indoors as much as possible.

Source: Hong Kong Observatory