Thundery showers approach Hong Kong, eastern part to experience heavier rainfall


8th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong is preparing for an incoming area of thundery showers, gradually moving closer to the territory from the south. In the next couple of hours, the eastern part of Hong Kong is likely to experience heavier rainfall. It is important for residents to remain vigilant regarding these weather changes.

The current weather situation is characterised by a trough of low pressure, resulting in showers and thunderstorms along the Guangdong coast and the northern part of the South China Sea.

The weather forecast for this afternoon and tonight in Hong Kong predicts mainly cloudy conditions with intermittent showers. Some parts of the territory may experience heavier showers accompanied by thunderstorms. However, there will be sunny intervals in the afternoon. The wind direction is expected to be moderate, coming from the east to southeast.

Looking ahead, showers are still expected tomorrow. On the Tuen Ng Festival and in the following couple of days, the weather is anticipated to be hot with sunny periods. A trough of low pressure will persist, bringing showers to the southern coast of China. Meanwhile, a gradual southerly airstream will affect the region. As the trough of low pressure moves inland and the upper-level anticyclone strengthens, the weather will become brighter and hotter along the Guangdong coast early to midweek next week. Towards the latter part of next week, under the influence of a southwesterly airstream, the southern coast of China will experience increased showers accompanied by thunderstorms.