Three reporters from Next Digital media charged for illegally obtaining birth cert information of HK actress Cecilia Cheung’s son

Cecelia Cheung and Marcus Cheung

19th February 2021 – (Hong Kong) After the third son of actress Cecilia Cheung was born in 2018, a reporter from Next Digital Media owned by Jimmy Lai was suspected of illegally obtaining information on his birth certificate. According to reports, the police took action after investigating and consulting the Department of Justice.

The court issued summonses to three reporters from Next Digital Media earlier this month. The case will appear for mention at Kwun Tong Law Courts next Monday (22nd). Cecilia Cheung, a 40-year-old female artist, married artist Nicholas Tse in 2006 and gave birth to two sons Lucas Tse and Quintus Tse.

In December 2018, Cecilia gave birth to a third child, but did not mention the identity of the biological father. A year ago, a reporter from Next Digital Media published the birth certificate of Cecilia Cheung’s three sons. His name was Marcus and followed Cecilia Cheung’s surname Cheung. There was no mention of the father’s name in the birth certificate Cecilia Cheung later lodged a complaint with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data about the matter, which was investigated and forwarded to the police for follow-up. After an investigation by the Crime Squad of the East Kowloon Region, it was discovered that someone was suspected of illegally obtaining information on the birth certificate of her son.