Three rallies approved by police to take place at Chater Garden, Edinburgh Place in Central and Clock Tower TST tomorrow


30th November 2019 – (Hong Kong)Three rallies and one gathering have been scheduled for tomorrow. Two will be held on Hong Kong Island side while one will be held in Kowloon area. All three rallies have been approved by police.

The first rally will occur at Edinburgh Place at 10am tomorrow. The movement is named ‘No tear gas to children’ and protesters will gather first at Edinburgh Place for 30 minutes before marching towards Government Headquarters.

The second ‘United States protests Hong Kong’ march will be held at Chater Garden at 12.30pm tomorrow. Protesters will start to march from Chater Garden to Consulate General of the United States before returning to Chater Garden.

The third rally will take place at the Clock Tower in TST at 3pm tomorrow to reiterate the five demands and they will end at Hong Kong Coliseum.

Meanwhile, protesters will also gather at Kowloon Bay from 7.30pm-9.30pm tomorrow.