14th June 2019 – (Hong Kong) Three tactical squads were in charge of dispersing the protestors in Admiralty on 12th June. The front line team was led by the Chief Superintendent, Rupert Dover from New Territories South Police District while Mr. KONG Man Keung, the District Commander was in charge of on-site command. Special Tactical Squad was led by another Chief Superintendent, David Jordan. According to sources, police fired the first shot after clashes occurred outside the Legislative Council.

It was rumoured that Rupert Dover, a senior inspector in 2014 was the same police officer who ordered the first round of tear gas to be fired at protestors in Causeway Bay during the Occupy Central on 28th Sept, 2014. He was one of the 10 outstanding police officers who received the Chief Executive’s Commendation for Government/Public Service award.

Another expatriate police officer, David Jordan who also worked on the front line of Occupy Central received similar award for his contribution.

Ruper Dover (Left), Auyeung Chiu-kong, SDU’s Chief Inspector (Middle), David Jordan, Senior Inspector (Right)

Local and international media have published multiple images of police using excessive force to manhandle the protestors while firing hundred rounds of tear gas and pepper spray. According to sources, every rubber bullet fired at protestors was instructed by the District Commander, Kong Man Keung.

Protesters on Wednesday were fully equipped in masks, protective helmets and many started to remove bricks on the pavement to build walls near Legislative Council. Police might deem their actions malicious and not peaceful.

On one hand, most Hong Kongers are sympathetic towards the protestors, on the other hand, police officers were strongly reprimanded for their excessive use of force. Anyone could easily spin a simple image of a protestor bleeding profusely to gain immense empathy amongst netizens on social media. No one would know for sure if the particular protestor was behaving aggressively before he was being treated high-handedly.

Police officers conducting a body search on a protestor on Wednesday.

Several representatives from the legal profession have called on the Government to set up an Independent Inquiry Committee to question the excessive use of police force during the stand off on Wednesday while Civil Rights Observer demanded the Commissioner of Police to bear full responsibility. They also alleged that police attempted to kill protestors by aiming at their heads and not their bodies when rubber bullets and beanbag rounds were fired.

Instruction on tear gas shell not to aim directly at persons.