Three Hongkongers who escape home quarantine in Taipei located by police


14th February 2020 – (Taipei) PFP Taipei City Councilor Huang Shanshan expressed today that there were three Hong Kong citizens  who were amongst the list of missing patients for home quarantine of novel coronavirus. They have entered Taiwan since last Saturday and the local health officials have lost contact with them. The home quarantine contact location and phone number they provided were fake information.

A manhunt was subsequently launched to locate the three and police found them in a local hotel in Ximending area at 6.16pm today. They were taken back to the police station and the Department of Health was informed. The two men and one woman were originally required to stay in home quarantine for 14 days but they disappeared after health officials called them twice on a fake number.

The authorities will put them in quarantine again and punish them accordingly.