Three HA public rental housing development projects win five awards

Photo shows an aerial view of Hoi Lok Court (left) and Hoi Ying Estate (right).

28th November 2021 – (Hong Kong)   The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) not only provides housing for low-income people, but also makes great efforts in the construction management and architectural designs of buildings. Recently, three projects of the HA received five awards presented by the Hong Kong Institute of Project Management (HKIPM) and the Asia Pacific Federation of Project Management (APFPM).
 “We are honored to have three projects receive five awards from the HKIPM and the APFPM. Wui Chi House at Tung Wui Estate was awarded the winner in the “Sustainable Projects” category by the HKIPM in 2020; Hoi Ying Estate and Hoi Lok Court won the winner award in the “Construction/Engineering” category and “Project of the Year” award of the HKIPM in 2019; and On Tat Estate and On Tai Estate won the winner awards in the “Sustainable Projects” category of the HKIPM and the APFPM in 2019,” a spokesperson for the HA said today. The award presentation ceremony was held at the annual dinner of the HKIPM on 25th November.
As a reception site for Mei Tung Estate, Wui Chi House at Tung Wui Estate provides about 1,000 rental homes for a sustainable community network in the district. Wui Chi House is located at the former site of Block 22 of Tung Tau Estate Phase 8, the physically linked primary school was retained in-situ with uninterrupted normal school classes during the construction stage. To improve visual impact, ventilation aspects, and enhance architectural characteristic in the district, an about 10-storey-high ventilation corridor was designed at the lower level of the building. Existing large trees were retained and a zero irrigation system was widely adopted in the landscape design to enhance the green environment.
 Hoi Ying Estate and Hoi Lok Court, originally located at the site reserved for use as Cheung Sha Wan Wholesale Food Market, have been transformed into an inclusive community of more than 11 300 residents. Highlights of the project include effective planning in response to severe environmental and site constraints and phase completion requirements, so as to allow intake by the public as early as possible; tactfully preserving the historical value of the site through the concept of integrating the coastal line development of Cheung Sha Wan over the years in the design of the public open space, adding architectural characteristics to the community.
Once a barren land on an urban fringe after the disuse of the former Anderson Road Quarry, On Tat Estate and On Tai Estate are now a green oasis and home to 48 500 people. The project displays many design features of sustainable development such as a zero irrigation system to optimise water use, solar light tubes capturing daylight for a car park and market, as well as oasis voids at the car park enhancing natural ventilation to reduce the use of mechanical ventilation.
“The above awards affirmed the outstanding performance of the HA in quality housing and sustainable community development, being recognised and affirmed by the industry. We will continue to work hard and strive for excellence in the future,” an HA spokesperson said.
Organised by the HKIPM, the HKIPM Awards is an annual award aims to recognise project successes of organisations and project managers in different disciplines. The winners under each category of the HKIPM Awards will be endorsed by the HKIPM for submission to the international judging panel for the Asia Pacific Federation of Project Management Awards.