Three arrested as violent incident unfolds in Tai Po, monetary dispute suspected


28th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) A 35-year-old man named Wong was attacked by multiple assailants wielding wooden sticks and knives near Kwong Chi House, Kwong Fuk Estate in Tai Po yesterday. Following the assault, Wong managed to board a taxi to escape the scene. Concerned citizens who witnessed the incident promptly reported it to the authorities. However, when law enforcement officers arrived, they only recovered two suspected wooden sticks related to the case from a nearby flower bed.

Subsequent investigations by law enforcement revealed that Wong had previously engaged in a dispute and physical altercation with another Chinese man, aged approximately 30 to 40, in the vicinity of the incident location. The altercation was believed to be rooted in a monetary dispute. The other individual had left the scene on his own accord at the time. Wong, however, encountered the attack when he passed by the same location later, leading investigators to believe that it was connected to the earlier dispute.

On the same evening, law enforcement personnel arrested Wong, as well as two other individuals, identified as Wong (31 years old) and Chow (41 years old), respectively, in separate locations within Tai Po and Aberdeen. They were detained on charges of “engaging in a fight in a public place” and “attempted bodily harm.” Authorities are currently pursuing two additional Chinese men, both aged between 30 and 40, in connection with the incident.