Thousands of South Australians left without power as severe thunderstorms hit Adelaide


28th November 2023 – (Adelaide) Thousands of residents in South Australia are currently facing power outages following a powerful lightning storm that struck the state capital and its surrounding suburbs. As of 7.30am local time on Tuesday morning, over 7,000 premises in Adelaide were without electricity, a significant decrease from the earlier reported figure of 14,000.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has reported that most areas of the city experienced rainfall between 10 and 20 mm in the early hours of Tuesday. However, the suburb of Brownhill Creek in the southeast region received an astonishing 45.8 mm of rain in just one hour, ending at 7 a.m. To put this in perspective, Adelaide received only 11.6 mm of rain throughout the entire month of October.

The severe thunderstorm has caused damage to homes and infrastructure, leading authorities to issue warnings advising South Australians to avoid unnecessary travel and stay off the roads. The adverse weather conditions have also resulted in the suspension of all flights departing from Adelaide airport on Tuesday morning.

The Bureau of Meteorology has maintained a severe thunderstorm warning for Adelaide, cautioning residents about the potential for intense rainfall that may lead to flash flooding. Senior forecaster Simon Timke, speaking to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), predicted that the thunderstorms would persist intermittently throughout the morning, possibly easing in the late morning or afternoon before clearing later in the day.

In response to the severe weather, the State Emergency Service (SES) has provided guidelines for affected residents to ensure their safety. The SES advises individuals to refrain from driving, riding, or walking through floodwaters, to stay indoors away from windows while storms are in progress, and to avoid areas prone to flooding.

Kate Dawson, a Senior Constable from the South Australia Police, has reported widespread issues with traffic lights and flooded roads. She urged caution among motorists and emphasized the need for everyone to exercise care and vigilance on the roads.

As the severe thunderstorms continue to impact Adelaide, authorities and emergency services are closely monitoring the situation and providing updates and assistance to affected residents.