Thousands of protesters gather in TST, Clock Tower vandalised, riot police deploy pepper spray and tear gas (Updated 5.15pm)


1st December 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 3pm today, around 1,000 protesters gathered near Clock Tower in TST. They shouted anti-government slogans and waved Hong Kong Independence flags. The rally was scheduled to start at 4pm but as too many people turned up at the clock tower, the organiser decided to march earlier.

Several protesters vandalised the Clock Tower and the walls near the new Hong Kong Museum of Art at around 3pm. At 3.30, they marched along Avenue of Stars and Salisbury Road towards TST East.

Protesters spray-painted on the clock tower.

At 4pm, riot police hoisted blue flag and pepper-sprayed some protesters on Nathan Road.

At 4.10pm, around 30 riot police officers were on standby outside TST police station.

At around 4.48pm, police deployed tear gas rounds at TST East. PTU officers rushed to Salisbury Road while protesters reached The Coliseum.

At 5pm, police deployed tear gas rounds again on Salisbury Road. Rioters barricaded Salisbury Road, a woman was injured at TST East MTR Station. Riot police and PTU officers stormed into the station for a short while. A man was also arrested on Salisbury Road near Nathan Road. At the same time, hundreds of rioters hurled smoke bombs near Empire Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, stirring up public fear and causing chaos. In the face of the situation, Police officers had no other alternatives but deployed the minimum necessary force, including tear gas, to stop illegal acts.