Thief steals laptops and computer equipment worth HK$40,000 from Kwai Tsing District Councillor’s office


10th December 2019 – (Hong Kong) A thief broke into the office of Kwai Tsing District Councillor, Leung Kam Wai this morning and stole 3 portable laptops and computer equipment worth HK$40,000 at around 3.27am today.

At around 8am today, the staff returned to the office and found the rooms ransacked. After checking the CCTV footage, he confirmed that at 2am today, a man wearing a cap rammed his body against the wooden front door and stayed for more than 2 hours. He then left the office with 3 laptops and other equipment.

The staff called the police and Leung returned to the office to inspect the damages. He expressed that all the information on the laptops has been backed up and he is unclear of the thief’s motive. Earlier in August, the office was also vandalised with human faeces twice and a woman was arrested. The woman was confirmed to suffer from a serious disorder of the mind and she was ordered to a mental hospital.