D100 Radio host and assistant released on HK$200, 000 bail each, wife released on HK$150,000 bail


22nd November 2020 – (Hong Kong) The National Security Law has been implemented for nearly five months. The National Security Office of the Police Department yesterday (21st) arrested Jess of D100 Radio, his wife and assistant , all suspected of money laundering and financial assistance to split the country. Sources pointed out that Jess’s wife was released on bail of HK$150,000 this afternoon, pending investigation. Jess and his female assistant have been released on HK$200,000 bail each at around 10.30pm this evening.

The police stated that they have noticed that since late February this year, someone has launched a crowdfunding campaign on social platform, claiming that the funds raised will be used to support protesters who have left Hong Kong and provide their bank account information for collection purposes. After in-depth investigation, officers of the National Security department suspected that someone had illegally embezzled and funded people and organisations that advocate secession activities. Police officers arrested 1 man and 2 women in North Point this morning, aged between 50 and 53, on suspicion of “funding others to subvert the country with money or other property” and “money laundering”, they are now being detained for investigation.