The separately married couple who committed suicide yesterday knew each other since Primary school


The 60 year old plus couple who committed suicide in a hotel in Wanchai recently knew each since Primary school. After so many decades, they fell in love with each other but both of them were already married separately.

The 62 year man, Chu passed away in the hotel after consuming large doses of sleeping pill while his girlfriend, June, 60 years old is still in coma. Police have classified the case as ‘joint suicide by agreement.’

At 10am today, the family of the deceased man appeared at the mortuary for 1 hour before leaving.

According to sources, both of them bumped into each at a primary school reunion 3 years ago and they have been keeping in touch since. They started to develop ex-marital relationship and spent lots of time together. Unfortunately, the families of both sides found out recently about their relationship. They decided then to commit suicide together due to enormous stress.

June last posted a picture 5 days ago on her Facebook during a gathering with friends and she wrote, ‘This gathering is wonderful! We need to wait till 2019 for the next one but may be this is our last gathering together.’

Both then left their homes separately 2 days ago and committed suicide in the hotel at Wanchai.