The rise of grassroots celebrities: Two-dish rice meal seller becomes latest internet sensation after pork butcher Samuel Lau


    28th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) After social media sensation pork butcher Samuel Lau from Tsuen Wan achieved widespread popularity locally, another seafood seller at Kwai Shing East Market, MC also became a hot topic on social media due to his resemblance to a member of popular boy group, MIRROR, Alton. However, MC said that he doesn’t resemble anyone and he would not want any fame.

    Seafood seller MC.

    More recently, another grassroots celebrity has emerged on social media. Netizens found her in a shop selling two-dish rice, and she was described by netizen as bearing a striking similarity to Hong Kong actress, Ali Lee.

    After she was made public by netizens, she responded on social media by saying that “I don’t really go to the shop all the time but i was also spotted”. She even admitted that she is the “Ali” of two-dish rice and said that she should have put on proper make-up and dressed up for others to take pictures. It seems like she is enjoying the newfound fame.

    In 2010, a homeless man who spent his days and nights wandering the streets of Ningbo, Zhejiang province gained star status, thanks to his “good looks and sharp dress sense”. A growing number of Internet users tried to track the whereabouts of the still unidentified man, whose “fans” have nicknamed him Brother Sharp. Several netizens have dubbed Brother Sharp as the “most handsome underdog of this century”.

    After more than a decade, it seems like netizens in Hong Kong nowadays are also looking to find their real-life idols as many are tired of the sham entertainment industry which pivots on manufactured artists who lack character and substance. These real-life idols are more in tune with their daily lives and they are more palpable.