The rise of CCD digital cameras: A blast from the past


23rd May 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Y2K trend has brought back the popular elements of the millennium era, including fashion, accessories, and gadgets. Among these, the CCD digital “point-and-shoot” camera has made a comeback, despite being considered outdated and even electronic waste. This retro gadget has become a trendsetting item, and celebrities all over the world have taken notice.

The CCD digital camera, short for Charge-Coupled Device, was a popular digital camera in the early 2000s, when high-quality digital cameras were not yet widely available. Its small size and portability made it a favourite among families, and it was once a sensation. However, as modern camera and smartphone technology advanced, CCD digital cameras were gradually phased out. Surprisingly, it has now regained popularity after 20 years.

The CCD digital camera’s sensor is not as sensitive as modern cameras, which gives photos a nostalgic and vintage feel. This feature perfectly suits today’s retro trend, which explains why it has become a worldwide craze. Celebrities such as BLACKPINK LisaBella HadidOuyang Nana, and Shen Yue have all been spotted using CCD digital cameras.

CCD digital cameras are also popular in Mainland China and have become a must-have item for visitors to Hong Kong. On social media platforms such as Xiaohongshu, there are many CCD camera purchase guides. Some netizens have reported that inplaces such as Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong, CCD camera prices have skyrocketed due to high demand, with some cameras selling for more than double their usual price.

For those who are interested in purchasing a CCD digital camera, there are some tips shared by netizens on Xiaohongshu. They suggest not getting too caught up in the model number, as cameras from the same series produce similar results. Instead, focus on the condition, accessories, and flash. If possible, it is best to test the camera before making a purchase.