The restaurant selling the most expensive Red Bean dessert soup (HK$100) in Hong Kong is closing down next month


2nd May 2019 – (Hong Kong) Bon Bon Cafe located at 92 Ivy Street, Tai Kok Tsui will close its doors next month after operating for over 19 years. The 51 year old female owner told media that customers either ‘love or hate’ her restaurant due to her ‘poor service’ and expensive price.

There were many news reports last year which mentioned that she has been selling her famous red bean dessert soup for a shocking HK$100 per bowl. Despite the hype, she recently decided to end her retail business and move to a unit in an industrial building where she will focus on catering and long-term customers.

Why does her red bean dessert soup cost HK$100 per bowl? According to the owner, 55-years-old orange peel red bean paste is used to make the soup base. The special red bean paste was sold for HK$48,000 per kg a few years ago. She uses 30 grams to make 21 bowls of the soup and it takes 6 hours to cook. 1 kg of red bean paste has only around 600 grams of usable paste. If you work out the cost for 30 grams of red bean paste, it’s already HK$2,400. Each bowl actually costs a whopping HK$100 to make. This excludes labour cost and others. In actual fact, she has been making losses over time by selling the best quality red bean dessert soup.

Many patrons have lamented that they need to wait for a long time to order the dessert and she responded by saying that the restaurant is run by only 3 staff and it’s not easy to cater to the needs of the demanding customers. The restaurant also serves other noodles and dumplings.

If you want to try it before it closes its door, go to

Bon Bon Cafe, 92 Ivy Street, Tai Kok Tsui