The PMQ Coffee Agenda returns to Central from 4th -7th October


30th September 2019 – (Hong Kong) The PMQ Coffee Agenda returns to Central from 4th -7th October! PMQ and local coffee media platform Coffeeder cooperate as organizer and co-organizer once again to create the coffee vibes for all the coffee lovers. To match with the theme of “Coffee x Travel”, PMQ Coffee Agenda has invited 6 popular overseas cafés and over 25 local specialty coffee shops to present their unique craft of coffee this time. There will also be plenty of workshops, sharing as well as interactive experiences to be held, sharing with you all the stories, knowledge and culture behind every cup of coffee!

Coffee Units:
Factory Coffee (Thailand)、GRAPH Coffee(Thailand)、Glitch Coffee & Roasters (Japan)、Kurasu (Japan) 、Homeground Coffee Roasters (Singapore)、 Artigiano Coffee Bar (Taiwan)、Porch Coffee 、Rest Coffee GintwentyonefromeightCoffee SlaveCupping Room Coffee RoastesrUrban Coffee RoasterReaction Coffee RoastersVitasoy 、JIEGENGE.HK 、Artista Perfetto 、Cotton MuttonOlympia Graeco Egyptian Coffee

PMQ Coffee Agenda has invited 6 overseas coffee shops to showcase their locally roasted beans, signature beverages and exclusive coffee gadgets to the public. This is a good chance for all coffee lovers take a more indepth look at the Asian coffee culture.

Jinbōchō-Tokyo kissaten culture

From the roots of the Jinbōchō-Tokyo kissaten culture, Glitch Coffee Roasters has been rigorously maintaining the best coffee flavors since 2015. Their roasters visit coffee origins to understand the processes behind green bean management, including harvesting, processing and roasting, in order to achieve continuous progress for improving coffee quality. Their philosophy is to “provide a cup of value in a limited time.” Now you can taste their light roast coffee without booking a flight to Japan. Glitch will also bring their own coffee cups for the best tasting experience so coffee lovers definitely shouldn’t miss out!

Japanese coffee appliances

“Kurasu” can be interpreted as “to live” or “lifestyle” in Japanese. This shop’s philosophy is to combine coffee with daily life and began in 2013 when Yozo Otsuki and his wife opened an online store in Australia offering Japanese household items. Now, the online store is well-known for their Japanese coffee appliances and coffee offerings from roasters all over Japan. In 2016, Kurasu’s first physical store opened in Kyoto and new stores were later launched in Singapore and Bangkok, with a new roastery also based in Kyoto. In additional to his selection of coffee beans, Yozo also designs coffee products and publishes books, with “A Year in Japanese Coffee” as an anthology of the stories behind 10 Japanese coffee roasters. Don’t miss out on these limited edition exclusive to Coffee Agenda.

Bangkok well-known coffee shop

Founded in 2013, Factory Coffee from Bangkok, Thailand, is a well-known coffee shop located in the Phayathai district. Factory Coffee won the Thailand National Barista Championships two years in a row in 2017 and 2018 and ranked number 13 in the 2018 World Barista Championship. In additional to serving high quality Thai coffee, they also offer beans from all over the world and focus on brewing each and every cup of coffee. Their philosophy, which is written on the wall behind their bar, is, “It’s fantastic to make someone happy with something as simple as a cup of coffee.” For the PMQ Coffee Agenda this year, Factory Coffee will bring beans from northern Thailand and two own designed t-shirt designs to Hong Kong.

100% benas from Thailand

Located in Chiang Mai, the second largest city in Thailand, Graph Coffee Co is a shop you can’t miss! Their beans are 100% sourced from four local micro-batches in Thailand and they work directly with farmers to ensure excellence in both the coffee and the farmers’ quality of life. “Graph” is derived from their experience of searching for a suitable location for their shop; the road was bumpy, with ups and downs just like any other aspect of life. Visit PMQ Coffee Agenda to experience Chiang Mai’s ambiance from another perspective.

The Best Brew is Brewed by You

Winner of this year’s Singapore Brewer’s Cup Championship, Homeground Coffee Roasters holds the same philosophy as its name: the idea that “the best brew is brewed by you,” with a heavy emphasis on the culture of brewing at home. Through their products, professional knowledge and communication with customers, they hope that more people can confidently take the first step for making coffee at home and form a community to inspire everyone to enjoy life and coffee.

Direct Fire Roasting Method

“Artigiano” is an Italian word that can be interpreted as “artisan” which shows the artisanal, delicate and provocative attitude of Mars, the coffee roaster towards coffee. From Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Artigiano’s special direct fire roasting method produces richer and more pleasant coffee flavors. Direct fire roasters with special distribution of holes on the drum surface of the machine allow the fire underneath to be directly transmitted to the furnace chamber. The heat is transferred from the exterior to the interior green beans. Due to the difficult operation, there is a high technical requirement for the roaster to have excellent temperature control skills. In addition to winning one silver and two bronzes at the RASV Australia International Coffee Awards for roasting this year, Mars is also the first person in Taiwan to obtain SCAE CDP certification and also placed as first runner-up in the 2015 Taiwan Coffee Roasting Competition.

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