The OMNIMAX Show “Oceans: Our Blue Planet” by Hong Kong Space Museum


6th May 2019 – (Hong Kong) Oceans cover more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, yet we have better maps of the surface of the Moon and Mars than we do the ocean floor. The OMNIMAX Show “Oceans: Our Blue Planet” by Hong Kong Space Museum (From 1st March to 31st August 2019) takes us on a global odyssey to discover the largest and least explored habitat on Earth.

New ocean science and technology has allowed us to further into the unknown than we ever thought possible. From the coastal shallows to deeper, more mysterious worlds, we reveal the untold stories of the oceans’ most fascinating creatures.

Led by the playful dolphins, we first visit the coral reefs and meet the ingenious tuskfish that uses a tool to open its food. In the great forests of the sea, we also find a cunning octopus who shields herself in an armoury of shells to hide from predators.

Giant kelp is found in abundance along the west coast of North America. Fuelled by the Sun and fed by nutrient-rich upwellings, it has a phenomenal growth rate of up to 60 cm a day.

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