If you are thinking of what to do this weekend, we highly recommend that you plan a trip to Yuen Long to see some wall murals!

Local creative artists have volunteered their time to paint more than 20 walls murals in Kam Tin, Yuen Long. They have worked painstakingly under extreme weather conditions to complete their artwork.

Picture credit : Facebook/The Kam Tim Mural Village Project
Video credit : Facebook/The Kam Tin Mural Village Project


Get off West Rail line from Exit B, Kam Sheung Road Station. Walk on the pedestrian overhead bridge and cross the bicycle park before reaching a new container style shopping mall known as the Richfield.

You can take a break by having a coffee at MF Coffee & Bakery located at Richfield which boasts a selection of bakeries and desserts.

The Richfield

MF Coffee & Bakery

You can then proceed with the wall mural tour from the shopping complex. The first wall mural is located outside the public toilet of Richfield.

This is the first wall mural which is titled ‘God bless Kam Tin’

After leaving Richfield, proceed to walk along the bicycle path and cross Kam Sheung Road to the other side. Follow a small path next to a red brick house towards Kam Tin City Centre and Kat Heng Wai, you will then come cross many wall murals. Alternatively, you can also walk along Kam Sheung Road and check out more murals located on Po Tei Road before heading back towards Kam Tim City Centre.

Wall murals located on Po Tei Road:

Wall murals located along the path towards Kam Tin City Centre:

You can use this google map to discover all the wall murals! Click HERE.

Picture credit : Catswalknplay