The love affair with FOX NEWS CHANNEL between Jimmy Lai, Mark Simon, Christian Whiton and perhaps Trump


19th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) Jimmy Lai appeared on Fox TV on 15th July in the United States and again live via Skype from Hong Kong yesterday after he led the illegal rally. Christian Whiton of whom Jimmy had dinner together with his aide, Mark Simon and others on 4th August at the fancy 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana, an Italian fine dining restaurant in Central is a regular face on FOX TV (Click here) . Christian Whiton is the American national security expert who has served in multiple White House administrations including George W. Bush and Donald J. Trump’s administrations.

On 17th June, Mark Simon, Jimmy’s aide contributed an article to Fox News in which he glorified millions of Hong Kongers for taking it to the streets in defiance of the government to protest against the extradition bill. Meanwhile, Christian Whiton also wrote an opinion piece on Hong Kong on 15th August titled ‘China’s Xi is looking increasingly dazed and confused and he questioned ‘Could Hong Kong win this showdown?’ 

It seems like Christian, Jimmy and Mark have been busy contributing their thoughts on the Hong Kong situation via FOX NEWS since the protest started. Again, we are curious, WHY FOX NEWS?

According to Wikipedia, Fox News Channel has been widely described as providing biased reporting in favor of conservative political positions, the Republican Party and President Donald Trump.  Political scientist Jonathan Bernstein described Fox News as an expanded part of the Republican Party. Political scientists Matt Grossmann and David A. Hopkins write that Fox News has helped “Republicans communicate with their base and spread their ideas, and they have been effective in mobilizing voters to participate in midterm elections (as in 2010 and 2014).” Prior to 2000, Fox News lacked an ideological tilt, and even had more Democrats watch the channel than Republicans. During the 2004 presidential election, Fox News was markedly more hostile in its coverage of Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, and distinguished itself among cable news outlets for heavy coverage of the Swift Boat smear campaign against Kerry. During Obama’s first term in office, Fox News helped launch and amplify the Tea Party movement, a conservative movement within the Republican party that organized protests against Obama and his policies.

According to a study in May 2017 conducted by Harvard University‘s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy examined coverage of Trump’s first 100 days in office by several major mainstream media outlets including Fox. It found Trump received 80% negative coverage from the overall media, and received the least negative coverage on Fox – 52% negative and 48% positive.

Fox News released a poll of registered voters, jointly conducted by two polling organizations, on June 16, 2019. The poll found some unfavorable results for Trump, notably that a record high 50% thought the Trump campaign had coordinated with the Russian government, and 50% thought he should be impeached — 43% saying he should also be removed from office — while 48% said they did not favor impeachment. The next morning on Fox & Friends First, host Heather Childers twice misrepresented the poll results, stating “a new Fox News poll shows most voters don’t want impeachment” and “at least half of U.S. voters do not think President Trump should be impeached,” while the on-screen display of the actual poll question was also incorrect. Later that morning on America’s Newsroom, the on-screen display showed the correct poll question and results, but highlighted the 48% of respondents who opposed impeachment rather than the 50% who supported it (the latter being broken-out into two figures). As host Bill Hemmer drew guest Byron York‘s attention to the 48% opposed figure, they did not discuss the 50% support figure, while the on-screen chyron read, “Fox News Poll: 43% Support Trump’s Impeachment and Removal, 48% Oppose.” Later that day, Trump tweeted “@FoxNews Polls are always bad for me…Something weird going on at Fox.”

So, it’s pretty obvious which side FOX NEWS is on.