The landscape of PS5 gaming: where is it now and where can it improve in future?


17th December 2020 – (Hong Kong) There is no doubt that people in Hong Kong love to stay entertained and have fun in their spare time. After a busy day at work or looking after the family, finding something exciting to relax with is key. The great news is that, in the modern world, there are more ways to do this than ever!

From playing games at Chinese online casino sites such as the trustworthy provider CasinoTopsOnline to reading, listening to music or watching films, there is always something to try. Gaming is one of the most popular ways in which to have fun in your spare time and an activity that many in Hong Kong get involved with. If you are a fan of video games, the release of the new PlayStation 5 console will no doubt have caught your attention.

This cutting-edge console came out in November 2020 and represents the next step up from the awesome PS4. With more power, better sound and improved graphics, it is a fabulous console to game on. Many a review of the PS5 has commented on how amazing it is to play on as a result of these changes.

Of course, any new machine is only as good as the games that are available for it. But what is the current landscape of PS5 gaming for players? Which genres are not well catered for and which past classics show why these gaps should be closed?

Racing and driving games

While there are a couple of racing games in the PS5’s catalogue (in the form of Dirt 5 and WRC 9), it is not well populated with them yet. As this type of game is popular, this is something that you would expect Sony and its partners to be looking at in the near future.

The PS5 is also currently missing specific driving genres, with an F1-branded game being the obvious omission – anyone who remembers F1 2020 on the PS4 will know this to be true. This superb racing simulator was the most realistic F1 video game yet and put players in the racing seat for some adrenaline-fuelled action. If the PS5 can bring out more driving titles across a range of sub-genres such as this in future, it will have a much fuller catalogue.

More sports games needed

As with driving games, there are some sports titles you can play on the PS5 now – just not many! From cricket to tennis, baseball, ice hockey and wrestling, there are many sports that are not yet available on the new PlayStation. The ones that are there (such as FIFA 21 and Madden 21) are mere updates of previous PS4 titles, rather than new PS5 games. This is a pretty big hole in its present catalogue and something that Sony will also be looking at filling in the coming months.

When you look back at how great some classic sports titles have been in the past, it makes sense. Fight Night Round 4 was a real favourite for many and gave you a chance to engage in some hard-hitting boxing action. With fluid gameplay, awesome graphics and a career mode, it really did have it all. When you also think about other great sports titles of the past, such as MLB The Show 19 or NHL 13, it is a no-brainer for Sony to focus on this genre for the PS5.

Real-life simulations

When it comes to genres, the PS5 has a decent enough selection when it comes to adventure, action and role-playing type games. One genre that seems to not be included yet is real-world simulation games. These are titles that allow you to step into an alternative reality and carry out jobs or tasks as a result.

With many services and leisure centres disrupted or entirely absent due to the ongoing pandemic in much of the world, these are valuable replacements for real world activities – casinos being a prime example. As of November 2020, visits to Las Vegas were down 55% from last year. The industry as a whole has been heavily hit. A key component of casinos is atmosphere – so even when they are open, moving around wearing masks and distancing yourself from others detracts from the experience. It’s fortunate that many Chinese online casino sites have taken steps to introduce live-dealer games during this year, so as to mimic the atmosphere as closely as possible. Creating a life-sim allowing for these options would be a fantastically unique experience, particularly combined with the ever-advancing AR and VR formats.

However, perhaps the best example of a classic franchise in this area is Farming Simulator. This has been going for many years now, with 2019’s edition being great fun. Not only do you get to enjoy the life of a farmer and drive cool machines around your farm but you also get to plough, harvest, mow and even chop down trees. If the PS5 can offer games of this type, then it would make for a more rounded roster of titles.

PS5 gaming landscape will evolve

With high demand for the PS5 reported by Sony, filling in the above gaps in the gaming roster is something they are likely to concentrate on. With a raft of new PS5 games already likely in 2021, the gaming landscape for this new machine should look much fuller in a year or so. This is great news for players around Hong Kong who can eagerly anticipate more fun titles to enjoy soon.