The Japan Times commentary: U.S. debt limit deal confirms ugly reality of American politics and policy-making


10th June 2023 – (Tokyo) A recent commentary by The Japan Times has highlighted the damaging impact of the U.S. debt limit deal on America’s global image. The commentary, published on Tuesday, stated that the fiasco confirmed the ugliest assessments of U.S. politics and policymaking. It also described the debt crisis as a completely self-created crisis that has done significant damage to America’s credibility, capability, and competence.

The debt limit is the maximum amount of money that the U.S. government can borrow to fund its operations. Without an increase in the debt limit, the government risks defaulting on its debts, which would have severe consequences for the country’s economy and global financial markets. The U.S. has faced several debt limit crises in the past, but the most recent one was particularly contentious.

The commentary argued that the debt limit deal had exposed the dysfunction and polarisation of American politics. It criticised both Democrats and Republicans for their inability to find a compromise and accused them of putting their partisan interests above the national interest. The commentary also pointed out that the U.S. had telegraphed to the rest of the world that it lacked the capacity and attention to deal with other growing challenges, such as climate change and geopolitical instability.