Thaksin Shinawatra exhibits recovery signs following hospital release


24th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin provided an update on the condition of Thaksin Shinawatra, the former Thai Prime Minister, noting his convalescence and positive spirits after being released on parole. Thaksin, the 74-year-old tycoon central to Thailand’s long-standing political rift, has returned to his residence following a six-month hospital detention.

Thaksin’s release marks a significant moment, ending a 15-year exile initiated by a military coup. “He’s still weak but can move a bit,” Srettha conveyed to the press, mentioning Thaksin’s limited mobility and his upbeat demeanour. “He’s happy to be home,” Srettha added, underscoring the former premier’s joy at his return.

The political saga involving Thaksin, a figure who challenged the traditional power structures of Thailand, has dominated the country’s narrative for over two decades. His comeback aligns with his family’s political resurgence, with their party reclaiming power.

Controversy has not been far from Thaksin, who was facing a prison term upon his return, on charges of corruption and abuse of power, which he has consistently claimed are unfounded and politicised. Health concerns were cited during his detention in the hospital’s luxury wing, with reports of chest tightness and hypertension.

In a gesture of clemency, Thailand’s monarch reduced Thaksin’s sentence last August, leading to his recent parole. During Srettha’s visit to the former Prime Minister’s home, discussions were personal rather than political. “But he is concerned about the country… as there are a lot of economic problems,” Srettha stated, suggesting Thaksin’s enduring interest in Thailand’s welfare.