Tesla vehicle struck by fire extinguisher in TST


28th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Tsim Sha Tsui was rocked by a shocking incident of criminal destruction, as fire extinguisher resembling a cannonball was launched in an alley off Hillwood Road today afternoon (28th). The fire extinguisher flew through the air at high speed, piercing through the door and window of a black Tesla vehicle, then shooting out from the sunroof and finally rolling onto Nathan Road. Dramatic footage captured by a car’s dashboard camera shows the heart-stopping moment as pedestrians scrambled in fear, with some covering their ears for nearly 30 seconds. Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident. Authorities are treating the case as a criminal act of destruction and are actively pursuing a suspicious male with long white hair, who was captured on CCTV near the scene.

The incident occurred around 2pm when the police received reports of a loud bang near the intersection of Hillwood Road and Nathan Road. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the sunroof of a black Tesla vehicle had shattered, with the entire glass panel landing on the windshield. The passenger-side door had also sustained significant damage. Witnesses reported seeing a suspicious individual emerging from an alley, and CCTV footage captured a man wielding a fire extinguisher, discharging its contents and striking the two cars before fleeing the scene. Another white Tesla parked nearby also suffered damage to its rear windshield. The police have classified the incident as a case of criminal destruction, and the Yau Tsim Mong Criminal Investigation Team is actively pursuing the suspect, described as a medium-built male with long white hair.

Footage caught on a car’s dashboard camera shows the fire extinguisher being launched from a side alley, accompanied by a trail of smoke. Pedestrians on both sides of Hillwood Road and the busy Nathan Road were startled by the loud noise. The fire extinguisher, travelled over 10 meters through the air, striking the parked black Tesla. The impact punctured the right-side door and shattered the window, propelling the projectile into the car and then forcefully ejecting it through the sunroof. The projectile continued its erratic rotation as it fell to the ground, finally coming to a stop in the middle of Nathan Road. The shattered sunroof glass fell onto the front windshield of the Tesla.

The alarming scene caused pedestrians to panic and seek safety. One female pedestrian was visibly shaken, while a male passerby standing near the alley covered his ears for nearly 30 seconds before cautiously surveying the surroundings. At the intersection of Hillwood Road and Nathan Road, a crowd gathered to witness the aftermath. Two female shop assistants from nearby stores were also visibly distressed, seeking comfort in each other’s company as they cautiously ventured outside to assess the situation.

The incident took place at a parking space opposite 4 Hillwood Road. Witnesses reported that a private vehicle was struck by a fire extinguisher, resulting in severe damage to the right rear door and shattered windows. The fire extinguisher exploded upon impact, shattering the car’s sunroof and launching debris into the air. The affected vehicle has since been towed away, leaving behind a significant amount of shattered glass on the ground.