Tesla to recall almost 13,000 Model 3 vehicles in China


Xinhua News

26th November 2022 – (Beijing) Electric carmaker Tesla has started to recall 12,863 Model 3 vehicles in China due to potential safety risk of seat belt.

The recall covers 2,736 imported vehicles produced between 12th January, 2019 and 22nd November, 2019, and 10,127 vehicles produced in China between 14th October 2019 and 26th September, 2022, according to a statement filed with the State Administration for Market Regulation.

The recalled vehicles have had the middle safety belt of the second row seat inappropriately reinstalled during after-sales repair or maintenance, said the statement.

It is suspected that when the service centre reinstalled the safety belts, some fixed parts of belt buckles might not have been fixed with connecting bolts. The result is that the safety belt will not play a restraining role in the event of a collision.