Tesla starts selling a TeslaMic microphone for in-car karaoke


Maggie Tillman, pocket-lint.com

31st January 2022 – (Shanghai) Tesla has launched an in-car karaoke microphone called TeslaMic. But it’s only available in China for now.

Recently, Tesla began rolling out a “Chinese New Year” software update in China, and with the end-of-the-year software update comes some fun features, including a physical product. The TeslaMic is designed to work with Leishi KTV, a karaoke system that Tesla is rolling out as part of its new update.

The device is available to buy from Telsa’s Chinese store for 1,199 Chinese Yuan (about US$188 in the US or £140 in the UK), although the page keeps crashing. 

Keep in mind this is an expansion of Tesla’s in-car “Caraoke” feature, which released via the V10 software update in 2019, introducing the ability to play a limited list of songs with lyrics appearing on the center display. The new 2022.2.1 software update in China is a more complete karaoke system, as it leverages the Leishi KTV’s interface and catalogue. According to Tesla, the TeslaMic pairs automatically with the system and features sound modes to help singers.

According to a video Tesla posted to its official Weibo account in China, the TeslaMic can even be used outside of Tesla’s electric vehicles. 

If you’re wondering whether TeslaMic will ever launch internationally, Electrek noted Tesla recently expanded its US trademark to audio products.