Tesla driver inserts key surgically inside his hand



    1st September 2022 – (New York) YouTuber Brandon Dalaly has adopted a surgical approach to quickly and efficiently gain access to his Tesla car without constantly searching for the keys.

    A tiny chip that was implanted into the content creator’s hands allows him to now open his automobile door by simply waving his hand.

    Dalaly posted a video explaining how he spent US$400 to have a professional piercer implant the VivoKey Apex chip in his arm on his YouTube channel and Twitter page.

    The chip can open the door of his Tesla without any contact because it is entirely contactless and coated in a biocompatible substance. Apple Pay-like technology is used in a VivoKey Apex chip.

    Implants like this are becoming more common

    Dalaly gets the implant before using it to unlock his automobile in the now-viral video. This wasn’t his first implant, which was interesting.

    According to the YouTuber, “the whole point was that I would have my house key in my left hand and my car key in my right hand.”

    A woman recently gained notoriety for implanting a chip in her hand that allowed her to open doors and wardrobes in her home without a key.

    The woman claimed in a TikTok video that went viral that she had a chip inserted in her hand that allowed her to open electrical doors and cabinets in her home without a key.

    She only needs to approach the sensors and wave her chipped hand for them to open.

    The TikToker, often dubbed on the app as “Chip Girl,” showed the technology to her fans. According to her, her spouse persuaded her to get an RFID chip put into her right hand on June 25, 2020.