Tesco staff who were caught having oral sex sacked


15th February 2018 – (United Kingdom) Neville Fox, 35 who was filmed performing oral sex on a 19-year-old girl colleague recently were both fired, a source has confirmed.

Neville Fox who was fired from Tesco after performing oral sex on a teen colleague

A group of youngsters  came across the sizzling action and filmed the entire ordeal on a phone and shared in a whatsapp group. “She likes that. She’s going for a pay rise. F***ing hell,” says one of them, as they watched the couple in action.  In the video, a woman wearing what appears to be a Tesco uniform straddles a desk while a man sitting on an adjacent chair performs a sex act on her (watch the video below). Both of them have already left Tesco following the incident.

The supermarket chain has not denied that the clip was filmed at the Stalham branch in Norfolk, East Anglia. Tesco responded by saying that “We are taking this issue very seriously and launched an immediate investigation.”