Teresa Cheung, Kenny Bee’s ex-wife and nearly 60, photographed with bulging veins

    Teresa Cheung

    22nd May 2023 – (Hong Kong) Teresa Cheung Siu-wai, the former wife of Hong Kong singer and actor Kenny Bee, is turning 60 years old on June 10th. Despite her age, she still maintains her elegance and grace, making her a goddess in many people’s hearts. In recent years, she has been actively developing her online business, which has flourished, earning her the title of “Queen of Online Shopping.” She is also active on various social media platforms.

    Recently, a netizen met Teresa at a brand event. She was wearing a grey top and a long skirt, which received high praise as simple, elegant, and tasteful. Some netizens even expressed envy towards her luscious hair. Teresa had her hair loosely tied and draped over her shoulders, giving off a casual yet beautiful vibe. However, when she moved her hair aside, her forehead was exposed, revealing a surprisingly high hairline, which led some netizens to comment that it made her look like an old man. Additionally, although Teresa’s skin is smooth and fair, her hands showed bulging veins, which unintentionally revealed her age. Some netizens were frightened by the sight, while others believed that it was impressive for her to maintain her looks at her age. Some even thought that her rounded figure looked better than being too thin.

    Teresa’s life has been well-documented in the media. She married Kenny Bee in 1988, and the couple divorced in 1997. In 2002, Kenny was forced to file for bankruptcy due to the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the subsequent property market crash. He had invested heavily in real estate on the advice of his ex-wife, Teresa Cheung, and ended up losing millions of dollars. Fortunately, Kenny had his then-girlfriend, now-wife Fan Jiang, to help him through the tough period. In 2006, Kenny was discharged from bankruptcy and has since regained his financial stability.