Teresa Cheng, Secretary for Justice quashes rumour that she has expressed her wish to resign


12th December 2019 – (Hong Kong)  In response to queries that the Secretary for Justice was forced to remain in her post, the Secretary for Justice, Ms Teresa Cheng, SC, today made the following statement:

In response to a news report alleging that the Secretary for Justice, Teresa Cheng had expressed her wish to resign, the Secretary had already denied the allegation and reiterated that she had no intention to resign. The Secretary stressed that she fully understood the challenges when she accepted her appointment, adding that it would be irresponsible to resign in this difficult time. 

Upon her return from Beijing on 3rd December, the Secretary for Justice spoke to the media at the airport about her injury. She explained that the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom had arranged for her return to Beijing where she had further check-ups and medical treatment at a hospital. The Secretary was discharged from the hospital on December 3 and returned to Hong Kong on the same day.

Anyone who made unwarranted and groundless speculation is extremely irresponsible. In order to prevent further false statement, the Secretary for Justice reiterated that the so-called “forced to remain in her post” and other speculations were totally fallacious.