Tensions flare on MTR train as video of clash involving foreign nationals circulates online


25th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A video capturing a volatile altercation on a MTR train has resurfaced online, sparking a fresh wave of discussion amongst netizens. The footage, originally circulated in 2017, shows a confrontation between three men of South Asian descent and several Cantonese-speaking passengers. The dispute, filled with heated exchanges and expletives, escalates rapidly when one of the foreign men strikes a local passenger, leading to a physical brawl that spills out of the train.

The incident, which occurred on a busy MTR line, appears to start with verbal provocations and gesturing, suggesting a challenge to settle matters off the train. Despite attempts from metro staff to defuse the situation by asking the involved parties to disembark, the altercation intensifies. The foreign nationals, unable to withstand the group’s retaliation, are eventually overpowered and forced out of the carriage, with two of them ending up on the floor, covering their faces in surrender while being restrained by passengers.

The video has divided opinions among Hong Kong’s online community. Some viewers have expressed support for the local passengers, applauding their actions, while others have criticised the resort to violence, advocating for peace and dialogue over physical confrontations.