Ten fatalities as 2 navy helicopters crash during Malaysian rehearsal


23rd April 2024 – (Kuala Lumpur) Two Royal Malaysian Navy helicopters collided and crashed today, leading to the death of all ten personnel on board. The tragic incident occurred during a rehearsal for the Navy’s 90th anniversary celebration at the naval base in Lumut, Perak.

The helicopters involved were identified as models HOM (M503-3) and Fennec (M502-6). According to reports from China Press, the HOM helicopter was carrying seven individuals, while the Fennec had three occupants. The collision was reported at approximately 9:45 AM local time.

Eyewitnesses captured a horrific 21-second video that has since circulated widely on social media platforms. The footage shows a critical moment where one helicopter appears to crash into the tail of the other, resulting in both aircraft plummeting to the ground. Debris from the helicopters was seen scattering across the air, landing near the open field where naval personnel had gathered for the rehearsal.

The local police, led by Perak Police Chief Yusri Hassan Basri, confirmed the incident. However, he stated that the full extent of the casualties was still being assessed and that further reports would be issued in due course.

Berita Harian, a local news outlet, noted that the crash site was immediately cordoned off to facilitate emergency response and preliminary investigations. The defence ministry has yet to release an official statement, but a spokesperson mentioned that an inquiry into the exact cause of the collision is expected to be launched shortly.