Temporary suspension of peak tram service and Bus no.15C until further notice

Barker Road Stop

21st April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Today, at precisely 12.13pm a massive tree with a diameter exceeding one meter collapsed onto the tracks of the Peak Tram at the Barker Road stop in the Mid-Levels. As a result, the Peak Tram service has been temporarily halted until further notice. The announcement came from the Peak Tram management, stating that tram services for today have already been suspended, and updates regarding tomorrow’s service will be provided at a later time.

Furthermore, the Transport Department has confirmed that Bus no 15C, which operates between Central Pier and the Peak Tram Lower Terminus on Garden Road, is also temporarily suspended due to the incident.

The ongoing unpredictable weather conditions in Hong Kong have posed various challenges, including fallen trees and potential hazards to transportation infrastructure. Despite efforts by the local fire department to remove the fallen tree from the tracks, the situation necessitated the suspension of both the iconic Peak Tram service and the bus line serving the popular tourist destination.

Passengers and tourists planning to visit Victoria Peak are advised to seek alternative transportation options until the services resume. The authorities will continue to assess the situation and provide updates to ensure the safety and convenience of commuters and visitors alike.