Temperatures in HK to drop progressively to 15°C and lower during the day tomorrow


21st November 2021 – (Hong Kong) According to the latest announcement by Hong Kong Observatory at 9.45am, a cold front will cross the coast of Guangdong in the small hours tomorrow (Monday) with strengthening winds from the north, and will bring cloudy sky and some rain to the region. The weather is expected to become appreciably cooler. Under the influence of the cold front and its associated weather, temperatures in Hong Kong will fall progressively during the day tomorrow, dropping to around 15 degrees in the urban area and a couple of degrees lower in the New Territories by tomorrow night to Tuesday morning. It will still be cool in the following couple of mornings. Members of the public should be aware of the change in weather and take care to keep warm.

There will be sunny periods and it will be warm during the day over the coast of Guangdong today. Under the influence of the dry northeast monsoon associated with the cold front, it will become fine with cool mornings over the coast of southern China in the following few days with relatively large temperature difference between day and night.

Source: Hong Kong Observatory