Temperature to fall lower to 12°C tomorrow before going down further to 10°C on Wednesday


23rd January 2023 – (Hong Kong) According to Hong Kong Observatory, under the influence of the intense northeast monsoon, it will become cold appreciably and windy over the coastal areas of southern China on the third and fourth days of the Lunar New Year. A dry replenishment of the monsoon is expected to reach southern China in the latter part of this week. It will be generally fine with cold mornings over the region during the weekend. The temperature difference between day and night will be relatively large. A fresh easterly airstream will affect the coast of Guangdong early to midweek next week. It will be cloudier over the region.

At 4.15pm, Hong Kong Observatory issued an announced thata cold front will move across the coast of southern China overnight tonight. Locally, winds will strengthen gradually from the north and temperatures will fall appreciably on the third day of the Lunar New Year (24 January). Temperatures will drop progressively from about 17 degrees at first tomorrow to a minimum of around 12 degrees tomorrow night. It will be cold in the morning of the fourth day of the Lunar New Year (25th January). Temperatures will fall to around 10 degrees in the urban areas, and a couple of degrees lower in the New Territories.

Source: HK Observatory