Temperature to drop to 15°C tomorrow an temperature in Ta Kwu Ling may drop to as low as 11°C for 3 consecutive days


22nd November 2021 – (Hong Kong) A cold front moved across the coast of southern China this morning. The associated northeast monsoon brought cool weather to the region, and a broad band of clouds covered the region. Locally, it was cloudy today with a few rain patches in the morning. Temperatures fell progressively. Temperatures over the territory were generally five to ten degrees lower than those of yesterday. Under the influence of the dry northeast monsoon, the band of clouds covering the coast of southern China will thin out gradually tomorrow.

It is predicted that the temperature in the urban area will drop from the highest temperature of 23 degrees Celsius during the day to only 16 degrees at night. In many districts of the New Territories, it is hovering at 14 or 15 degrees, while the temperature in Ta Kwu Ling will be as low as 13 degrees.

There will be one or two light rain patches at first tomorrow. The minimum temperature will be about 15 degrees in the urban areas, and a couple of degrees lower in the New Territories. Dry during the day. Bright periods later with a maximum temperature of around 20 degrees. Moderate to fresh northerly winds, occasionally strong offshore at first.

Temperature in Ta Kwu Ling may drop to as low as 11 degrees Celsius for three consecutive days. The Observatory expects the temperature to increase to a maximum of 26 degrees Celsius early next week, but it will get cooler again next Wednesday on 1st December. At noon today, the general temperature in Hong Kong was 4 to 8 degrees lower than yesterday.

Source: Hong Kong Observatory.